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Why is Innovation so Hard?

Why is it so difficult to create and nurture innovation within an academic organization?  In my experience, significant change will never occur until the forces for change are greater in combination than the forces preserving the status quo.  This is especially the case in most academic institutions where the forces for resisting change are often… Continue reading Why is Innovation so Hard?

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Demographics = Destiny?

The Western Interstate Commission on Higher Education (WICHE) recently released its latest report detailing high school graduate projections through 2032, and for many colleges and universities the news is troubling.  After a long era of year-to-year increases in the high school graduate pool, the report predicts “the U.S. is moving into a period of stagnation,” wherein growth… Continue reading Demographics = Destiny?

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Higher Ed Disruption–Hype or Reality?

In recent years, much has been written about higher education disruption. From those who argue that the business model needs adjustment to those who suggest the sky is falling, everyone has an opinion these days. In fact, disruption in higher ed is nothing new. A look back reveals several distinct eras of growth and decline… Continue reading Higher Ed Disruption–Hype or Reality?